Green Eats Kitchen, or also known as Green Eats is a vegan food blog based on simple vegan recipes that will please your taste buds and also make your body feel good at the same time. Our goal is to produce glorious recipes that break down the typical vegan stereotypes. Done are the days of boring tofu, bland pasta and gross smoothies. Here’s to flavour filled food all day, everyday! Welcome to Green Eats Kitchen.

Hi, I’m Danielle. I am the creator of Green Eats Kitchen. I decided to start this platform to show people that vegan food doesn’t always have to be boring and is actually quite easy to create. I believe that food should be flavorful and nutritious at the same time.Most of my experience is based on trial and error, although I am professionally trained in baking and pastry and grew up in a culinary forward family, where I was able to learn a few tricks here and there. I am proud to share my recipes on this platform and hopefully I will inspire you to get into your kitchen and try out a few of my simple and easy vegan recipes!